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Middle East…..

The Middle East.... Although my post's will be mainly focused on the ongoing occupation of Palestine, i'll address everything important going on.....

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Here you will find post's about our Humanity, or the lack of it....

I'm ready!


Here you'll find post's about world politics, how we are manipulated, by who and why....

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Under this button you will find post's about spirituality which has nothing to do with religion... or everything....

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A few points about Let's all wake up :

  • What you read on this page does not always reflect my opinion on the subject but is always relevant.
  • My opinions may change with new evidence that emerges.
  • I'm always open for suggestions or different views
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Our views on:

Middle East

Without going into to many details, this is my opinion about what's going on in the Middle East:

The ongoing conflicts have little to do with religion, religion is merely a means to control the masses. It's Politics, money, power and oil! The creation of the state of Israel, is one of the most important reasons for the ongoing conflicts. The foreign politics of the US in the Middle East have only one goal: create chaos in the states that have the biggest oil and gas reserves so they can take control over these resources. The mainstream media is trying to convince us otherwise, but all the facts are suggesting something else. there is growing awareness, people are waking up, are starting to think for themselves again.... 


We are being misled and manipulated! we think we are living in democracies, we think we can influence the decisions our government make, but that's not true. Governments are not the ones in power anymore. It's the few owners of the ultra rich global companies that make the rules, they finance elections of all candidates, their lobby's influence every decision made, they make and break politicians, they have the power to bankrupt country's and they will and have used these powers many times. I'll ask you one thing: who's benefiting from all these wars??


There is only one way out of this:

The answer is "Humanity" and Humanity doesn't come with religion.... any religion! Humanity comes from the soul. What this world lacks is Empathy*  We need to start realizing that we are all one, one people, one human race on one planet. We must stop letting "them" divide us and fight each other, we as humans are not on opposite sites we are made to believe that as a way to control us.

*Empathy is the experience of understanding another person's condition from their perspective. You place yourself in their shoes and feel what they are feeling. Empathy is known to increase prosocial (helping) behaviors


I am my own God, (and so are You!) I am the creator of my own life, i am responsible for my own actions and i take that responsibility. We are made insecure by our believe systems and if you ask me, when i look around me, insecurity is one of the major issues in the ongoing conflicts between humans everywhere...We must find ourselves again and take control over our lives. We are all nothing more then a manifestation of energy, everything is a manifestation of energy vibrating on different frequencies, but in the end we are all one.........

“Truth Sunglasses” Scene from the movie “they live”

We all have these sunglasses, you just have to clean them and put them on!
If you want to see the whole movie you can find it here: whole movie "They Live"