About Let’s All Wake Up

Let's all wake-up...

 is nothing more, nor less than it say's....an effort to wake up this world and make people look beyond the illusions that are imposed on us!

"Tried a lot, done a lot, learnt a lot, made a lot of mistakes, done a lot of good, traveled a lot, had a lot of jobs, drank a lot, smoked even more, used a lot of grass, talked a lot, read a lot,listened a lot, slept a lot, partied a lot, went on for nights a lot, was sad a lot, laughed a lot, cried a lot, took a lot of risks, thought a lot, dreamed a lot, worked a lot, enjoyed everything a lot........in short: LIVED A LOT!"


Today Look beyond the illusionwe live in a world That is ruled by corrupted politicians, ruthless money grabbing bankers and bribing, tax avoiding multinationals, all intertwined in a dark scheme. The media (Main Stream Media that is) is no longer asking questions or trying to expose any of the just mentioned players prerogatives but does everything to accommodate  them. They have to, because they're owned by them, just like congressmen are owned by their election-campaign funding lobby groups. Lobby groups that fund all candidates to make sure that their objectives will be met.